Upcoming Events (06/01/18)

The Puyallup Tribal Veterans Committee is in the process of collecting names for a lottery/drawing to attend the 4th Annual National Gathering of American Indian Veterans, which is held at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, IL on July 19, 20, 21 & 22, 2018. This three day event honors veterans and military personnel of all cultures, eras, and branches in a Native way. Watch entertaining performances from cultural groups and participate in powwow-style dancing with other veterans. If approved, this will be the fourth year the Puyallup Tribal Council has allowed Puyallup Tribal Veterans to attend this annual event that spends time to celebrate and remember the untold story of American Indian people’s contribution to the Military. The Tribal Veterans Committee would like to offer attendance to all other Puyallup Tribal Veterans who have not had the opportunity to attend this event in the past.

More will be revealed regarding this event as the information becomes available. You can also check it out online at www.trickstergallery.com/national-gathering-2018/.

Should you be interested in carrying the Colors for Grand Entry as well as participating in the other Gathering festivities, please submit your request in writing no later than May 19, 2018 to the address at the end of this article.

Requests to attend the National Gathering of American Indian Veterans must be submitted in writing to our Puyallup Tribal Veterans Representative, Ronald Simchen. His address is Puyallup Tribe of Indians; ATTN: Ronald Simchen, Tribal Veterans Representative; 3009 East Portland Avenue; Tacoma, WA 98404.

The uniform for these events will be black trousers, black shoes, long sleeve white shirt, our white Tribal Veterans ball cap and the Pendleton Grateful Nation Vest that we wear to all Tribal Veteran events (please see the picture to the left). If you don’t have a Pendleton Grateful Nation Vest to wear, please feel free to contact the Puyallup Tribal Veterans Representation, Ronald Simchen at 253-226-4823.

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