TERO Client of the Month: Michael Green

The Puyallup Tribe TERO Department would like to congratulate Michael Green, Puyallup Tribal spouse, for successfully completing the 16-week Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program at the Tulalip TERO Vocational Training Center located in Tulalip, WA. He is TERO’s first client to successfully complete the 16-week course. Michael is married to Joanne Scott, Puyallup Tribal Member, and she has encouraged and supported Michael from day one. Michael made the long commute to the Tulalip Training Center on a daily basis, dealing with the congested freeways only to turn around and do it all over again for 16 weeks.


Michael received hands-on career training in high demand occupations, allowing him to make a decision of entering the Ironworker’s Apprentice Program. Michael will receive a combination of structured on-the-job training (OJT) with direct supervision by a craft-person mentor, and related classroom instruction where workers learn the practical and theoretical aspects of a highly skilled occupation and earn a living wage salary.


Michael has worked hard to obtain his certificate for successfully completing the Tulalip TERO Vocational Training Center Pre-Apprenticeship Program. He also received a Certificate of Completion for successfully completing TERO Harassment Prevention, CPR and First Aid Card, OSHA 10, Qualified Operator of Power Actuated Tools, and a Certificate of Congratulations thanking Michael for his participation in Construction Trades Preparation.


Michael also received great remarks from the instructor, staff and fellow students. He has a great attitude, asked questions, participated in the class and his work ethics are stellar. Michael was prompt, pleasant in the classroom and was very excited to learn new aspects of the trades.

Michael is currently working as a Laborer/Flagger for a contractor within the Reservation boundaries and he received 100% on his flagging test.

TERO is very proud of Michael for all his hard work and dedication in completing the training program in Tulalip as well as representing the Puyallup Tribe in a respectable manner. Good luck ,Michael, on your new career choice. May it bring a brighter future for you and your family.