Buffalo gifted for canoe journey

Last week, Tribal Councilmember James Rideout, Canoe Committee Chairman Chester Earl, Council staff and young Puyallup hunters traveled to North Dakota where the Mandaree Tribe hosted the group and helped them harvest four large buffalo for the “Power Paddle to Puyallup” Canoe Journey. This generous gift offers even more traditional and healing foods for the Puyallup Tribe to serve during the canoe journey event “Honoring Our Medicine.”

“When we got to North Dakota, I had a real feeling of hospitality,” Councilman Rideout said. “They welcomed us with such hospitality – they wouldn’t let us buy food, they took care of us, they helped with the harvest, took us all around their reservation… It was an historic time for our young hunters. We didn’t have a hunting program just a short time ago and now it’s growing and bringing nutrients back to the Tribe that we traded for salmon. That’s all they wanted, and I think that’s a wonderful trade.”

Councilwoman Sylvia Miller also raised her hands to the Mandaree Tribe for their generosity. “Thanks for the kind donation and a big thanks to all our members who worked hard to provide our canoe journey with this healthy and traditional food,” she said.