A Heartfelt Thank You

The following is a Facebook post by Puyallup Tribal Member, and TERO Compliance Officer, Justin Satiacum that he wishes to share with the tribal membership.

Last night was a bittersweet moment. We were all exhausted, happy and ready for it to be over after such a long week(s). Lots of people went above and beyond to make sure every detail was covered, issues addressed, and that our visiting guests and families were accommodated. On the other hand, it’s kind of sad because we all were really having a great time working with staff that we dont usually work with and meeting new people through our volunteers. We got to know each other, shared lots of laughs and good times and became family.

To each and everyone who was there helping in any way, I would like to say thank you. Thank you for everything. First, my wife and boys for being understanding of me being absent for over a week. For our crews: Volunteers enduring the blistering sun and dust in the parking lots and assisting our guests, the Green Team digging through and sorting everyone’s garbage, our Security Team who worked around the clock to ensure everyone’s safety, Clean Our Rez and Maintenance crews who worked hard at keeping everything clean, in order and for trying to keep us from choking out on the dust clouds, the Kitchen staff and cooks who made sure there was always food available to all, all of our Admin and HR staff who was there every time we needed something taken care of, Chief Leschi transit drivers who drove hundreds of miles in a circle to transport our guests to and from Camp. Tribal Gaming Authority, our Veterans for their constant commitment to our Tribe, Children’s Services and Community Domestic Violence Advocacy Program, our Language Department for being there to show that our language is being revitalized. Our Culture Department, Canoe Family and Journey planning committee for kicking it off making it all happen, our Youth Center and staff for shuttling and assisting where needed, PTHA for first aid, Riverside FD for always being there or being available to assist anyone who was injured or needed treatment, Tribal Council for seeing that we could have our needs met, definitely my flagging staff who worked their shifts then stayed and volunteered to work a second shift just to help, also the IT department for stepping up for me twice. All of our Contractors and Sponsors, Rodarte Construction and the Laborers Local 252/PCCD for loaning me the equipment I needed. Our TERO office staff who worked without us being there the last week and a half. Our food vendors who stayed open late keeping the food going and coffee brewing, and our vendors who were there to let everyone take home something to remember.

Every single person has a story to tell and memories to share. You all should be proud. Sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone. If you know somebody who was involved, tag them. I want them to know they are appreciated. If you have any pictures, share them. I wasnt able to take many. I would like to see and share them also. These are the pictures I got, with some that I’m sharing from others. Again, thank you, and hope everyone rests and recovers quickly. Power Paddle To Puyallup 2018 is In The Books.