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Tribe Loses Elder, Veteran, Leader and Friend Stann Sicade

Charles Stann Sicade, Jr. made a big impact on the tribal community during his long life.

The soft-spoken, genuine and highly-respected man was beloved by family and friends during his 87 years on this earth.

Stann Sicade passed away on Feb. 3 after a long fight with lung cancer. The World War II veteran was a leader in the Puyallup Tribal Veterans committee after serving in the Army Air Corps where he received many accolades for his work.

Stann met and married the love of his wife, Wilma, in 1945 and the couple was married for 67 years, and had three children - Charles Stann Sicade III, Rob Sicade and Lynn Sicade as well as two grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

The Puyallup Tribal community honored the life of Stann Sicade at a memorial ceremony Feb. 10 at the Elders Center, before laying him to rest in the Cushman Indian Ceremony later that day.

Tribal Veteran Committee member Chris Winters led the ceremony that covered Stann’s life and legacy as one of the original Puyallup Tribal members on the 1929 roll.

“Stann served this country in a time that wasn’t popular. He received the Asia Pacific Service Medal, the American Service Medal, The Victory Medal and the Good Conduct Medal,” he said.

After speaking of Stann’s accomplishments and devotion to his wife, children and Tribe, he opened up the floor to others wanting to share some final thoughts about their friend Stann. Here are some of those thoughts and memories:

Stann was such a selfless man. He didn’t want to talk about himself, he just wanted to talk about those who he cared about. And he didn’t want to be angry. He knew that would hurt his spirit.

"On February 3, the world lost an amazing man."

- Courtney Rohleder, Registered Nurse

"I always looked up to him. He will be truly missed by the Puyallup Tribe and Veterans."

- Milton Guenther, Veterans Committee Chairman

"Stann had the courage to leave this reservation and see what’s out there and I so admired that.

He expected nothing less than excellence from his family, tribe and community. He was just a phenomenal person."

- Roleen Hargrove, Puyallup Tribal Council

"What a gentleman. What a kind man. There was always a genuine smile on his face.

And what a remarkable love story between him and Wilma."

- Maggie Edwards, Puyallup Tribal Council


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