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Staff Spotlight: Kiesha Martin

//Position: Patient Access


Kiesha Martin is the face of the pediatrics department, the first point of interaction for children and parents as they enter the clinic.

As a patient access professional, Kiesha Martin greets patients, sets appointments, updates information with registration insur- ance, and ensures that patients' entrance into the clinic goes as smoothly as possible.

She has been working at the PTHA for the past four years, and says she's enjoyed the work environment because of the team attitude in pediatrics, and the sense of appreciation she feels from the Tribe.

"The Tribe really cares about their employ- ees and their community," she said. "I like that they appreciate us, and that they really care." Kiesha Martin was raised in a military fam- ily, and spent several years in Germany and New York before settling in Washington. She attended Lakes High School and received her medical assistants training from Bryman College. Kiesha has been working in the medi- cal field for more than 10 years, and is still continuing education toward her Registered Nursing license, which she hopes to complete by 2014.

"Growing up, I always wanted to work in the health field. I just always wanted to help people."

At the PTHA, Kiesha provides a friendly and welcoming environment for sick children, a part of her job that she especially enjoys.

"I love getting to see the kids," she said. "I enjoy that pediatrics is a small office, and we're a cohesive group. We really come together. I like all the people I work with, and I love coming to work!"


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