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PTHA Continues Journey to Electronic Health System

Last year, PTHA began its journey toward an Electronic Health System by first implementing the Electronic Practice Management system (EPM). EPM handles patient registration, appointment scheduling and insurance billing. This implementation was a great success and paved the way for other departments.

This year, PTHA is moving forward with Electronic Health Records (EHR). In January, Providers began using computers in exam rooms to be able to input basic patient information to become familiar with the system and the new equipment. In early April, a core group of staff members, "super user", began extensive training with NextGen on the new Health Records System.

"The transition for the electronic health system is a little bit of an inconvenience but I know we will benefit from this," said Medical Assistant and Super User, Michelle Toves, "It just takes time and practice, then we will be on our way for a more successful journey."

The Super User Group is preparing for the Go-Live which is scheduled to start May 7, 2012. The entire process of getting all clinic staff "live" will last through June. During that time, patients will notice we have fewer appointments available as PTHA learns, grows and adjusts to the new system.

There are many advantages to using an electronic health record system, including:

  • Improved security
  • Convenience for patients and providers
  • Improved quality of care
  • Better documentation
  • Reduction of cost

Dr. Kozakowski has been significantly involved in the training of the new system.

"Although the transition to electronic medical records may be frightening, the overall benefit to our patients will be well worth it!" said Dr. Kozakowski who has been significantly involved in the training of the new system.


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