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10-U WARRIORS soar over Eagles

The Warriors picked up the pace on Oct. 9, soaring over the Madsen-Graham Eagles in a 27-7 victory. (PHOTO BY KATE BURROWS)

The Puyallup Warriors of the 10 and under division showed skill and determination on Oct. 9, taking home a 27-7 win over the Madsen-Graham Eagles. For a team suffering from back-to-back losses in the beginning of the season, the Warriors made a comeback of epic proportions when they clinched the victory.

Head coach Marcel Sallis believes the team may have picked up some much-needed motivation to carry them through to the rest of the season after their victory at Bethel High School’s Art Crate Stadium.

“Today, we played like a bunch of hungry piranhas,” Marcel Sallis remarked. “Like the mascot on our shirts, we went out there and played like warriors, and I think now we have the momentum to carry us through the rest of the season without suffering from defeat. I have a lot of faith in these kids, and they’re hungry for the win right now. I don’t see them letting themselves get beat anymore.”

The 7 to 10-year-old players showed up in a big way on Oct. 9, returning the Eagles’ kickoff for an impressive 50-yard touchdown in the first play of the game. At the end of the second quarter, the Warriors were up 21-0, and the scoreboard was turned off for the conclusion of the game. However, both teams scored one touchdown each in the exciting second half of the game: the Warriors’ #20 rushed 45 yards for a touchdown with one minute left in the third quarter, and the Eagles scored their only touchdown with eight seconds left in the fourth quarter.

“We’ve been working hard on sharpening our plays and simplifying the game,” Marcel Sallis said. “Having a lot of heart counts for a lot in this game, and our kids have a lot of fun out there. We try to teach them that they’re going to face obstacles in life that you have to push through, and we believe they’re learning that and having fun at the same time.”


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