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Giving hearts bless families for Thanksgiving

Thanks to thoughtful Chief Leschi students and the generosity of the Puyallup Food Bank, 36 families in need identified among the Chief Leschi Schools community had a happy Thanksgiving this year.
On the morning of Nov. 29, Pierce County Sheriff’s Detective Ed Troyer of Crime Stoppers drove a truckload of turkeys and all the trimmings to Chief Leschi ready to be unloaded by a brigade of students and Puyallup Tribal Council members Marguerite Edwards and Sylvia Miller.
Puyallup Food Bank Director Shanna Peterson said she was very happy to help out Chief Leschi families again this… Read More


Standing Rock

By Dena Eakles

I am not sure anyone who was not here at Standing Rock could fully grasp the magnitude of inhumanity perpetrated here a short time ago, much less comprehend the fortitude and bravery of those who endured the transgression. I was here and I have a hard time wrapping my head around it all.
Walking through the camp now and all is in place. The fire is going with people praying, songs of gratitude… Read More

A Community Dialog

Our families, as many others, are still in deep mourning over our loss, and the loss of the other tribal members and their families. So in the spirit of tradition, we would like to share with you the knowledge that hardship brings forth adversity. We stand as a symbol to those forces that have separated… Read More